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Another World in game video

Posted Dec 17, 2007 01:07 pm

Plank Films has release (last year...) a video of Another World for Zodiac. You can download it on Plank Films website (video from December 16th, 2006).

  • Dec 11, 2007 Another world Video

    I just found this great video talking about the making of Another World, by Eric Chahi. The video is in french. A must see! (Watch it!)

  • Jan 16, 2007 Full version of Another World

    I have just received the authorization to release a full version of Another World along with original data files so that every Zodiac users can now play to this wonderful game! Get the full version now on the download page of the game.

  • Dec 2, 2006 Another World for Zodiac

    Yes! Another World have been ported and released to Zodiac! To play this game, like with other engines, you'll needto original DOS version of the game also known as Out of this World. There will never be a standard PalmOS version. This version is the only one officially authorized. This version features native graphics on 480x320 resolution and full music and sound effects. Get it now!

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Updated Dec 2, 2006Screenshots

Title screen


Nice Ferrari !

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Game info

Another World

This is a port of the RAW engine made by Cyx. You play Lester, the young physics professor, who suddenly finds himself in a strange alien world after a lightning struck his particle experiment. Now he should fight for his life, first with his bare hands, then with a gun he finds. But what gives him courage is the fact he is not alone. One of the aliens, who together with him escapes from the prison, helps him on his dangerous quest. Friendship can overcome all the obstacles. Official site »

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