Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

publisher: LucasArts

Become the hero you want playing this game with ScummVM.

Want to be a hero
just like Indy?

Want to be a hero
just like Indy?

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Posted Jul 18, 2009 01:41 pm

Hi everyone, I know I was away for a very very long time. I'mbusy with important projects and didn't find time to work on a dying platform. But this fact is that I love PalmOS and don't want to leave it away. So, I can't promise anything but for sure I'll be back very soon on the PalmOS scene. ScummVM is going v1.0 and so,I'll try to give you a new version with new exciting games engines. Fow now, I just move the website to a real hosthing with its own domain, update your bookmarks!

  • Jan 12, 2009 ScummVM New version on the way

    I was away for a long now. It's time for me to go back and work again on this fantastic project. Yesterday, I've updated the code so that all 21 engines compile again. I've tested some engines on Zodiac and everything seems to work well. I'll complete missing stuff in OS5 version and release a new test version, so don't miss it because it will require lots of testing!

  • Jun 7, 2008 ScummVM I'm late!

    Yes, sorry the new version promised one month ago is not yet available. I'll try to complete rapidly the key mapper so that I can release the new version, so, stay tuned!

  • May 4, 2008 ScummVM new SVN coming next week!

    A new version will be released next week. I'm working on a key mapper to fix some problems related to T|X devices. I've also created a compilation script to ease compilation of all 37+ modules required by PalmOS and Zodiac version so that I can release new version more often.

  • May 4, 2008 Off topic: WebApp.Net

    I have worked hard these last two months on WebApp.Net. WebApp.Net has been designed to mimic the actual iPhone and iPod Touch graphic user interface. It provides many powerful and easy to use items, based on javascript and cascading style sheets technologies, to help you designing great and must seen web applications for Apple's latest mobile devices. Check the site: WebApp.Net website

  • Dec 17, 2007 Another World Another World in game video

    Plank Films has release (last year...) a video of Another World for Zodiac. You can download it on Plank Films website (video from December 16th, 2006).

  • Dec 17, 2007 Nicky Nicky Boum in game video

    Plank Films has release (last year...) a video of Nicky Boum for Zodiac. You can download it on Plank Films website (video from November 4th, 2006).

  • Dec 11, 2007 Another World Another world Video

    I just found this great video talking about the making of Another World, by Eric Chahi. The video is in french. A must see! (Watch it!)

  • Dec 10, 2007 ScummVM New version online!

    Get the new SVN snapshot of ScummVM now, on the download page.

  • Dec 9, 2007 ScummVM ScummVM testing

    A new release of ScummVM is coming. Next week I'll add for download a new version with bugs fixed and a working version of Lure of the Tempress! I hope to also provide you with a fixed version of the AGOS engine (Elvira 1/2). Two new beta engines have been added to play Drascula and I.gor: Objective Uikokahonia. Don't forget to read the "testing news" on official ScummVM website and report bugs on the tracker.

  • Sep 8, 2007 Nicky Nicky updated!

    Nicky engine has been updated and now support Nicky 2. New screenshots have been added on the Nicky page. Get it now!

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Updated Sep 8, 2007Screenshots

Heart of the Alien

Level 1 cinematic

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Nicky Boum

View this game

Nicky Boum

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Heart of the Alien


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